12 September 2004

The first public release of pprom is now available for download.

About pprom

pprom (pronounced PEE-prom) is a Perl script that enables you to write your shell prompts in a simple shell-independent syntax, "compiling" prompts into the particular form required by the shell you use.

For example, say you want to set a simple prompt such as this:

    user@host ~/path/to/the/current/directory >

To get this prompt in bash, you would have to use this syntax:

    \u@\h \w >

In csh, tcsh, or zsh, it would be this:

    %n@%m %~ >

The pprom syntax for this prompt would be the same for either shell:

    @user @at @host @space @cwd @space @gt
You can also use shell-dependent features, if you wish. For example, the symbol @sigil represents the character # (if root) or % (if non-root in csh) or $ (if non-root in bash), and the symbol @shell represents the name of the shell (e.g., bash or zsh).

pprom includes shell-specific configuration files for bash and csh.

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